Coffee: Effects and reasons to drink it

What are the effects of coffee on the body?

coffee is at the heart of many studies. Is it poison or a magic potion? Response elements.
The studies on coffee are as numerous as the number of addicts to this drink. The results are diverse, but a study decided to sort through everything that had been said before. The result is quite surprising and rather reassuring if you are one of the millions of people who drink it every day. Coffee has more benefits than constraints on your body, under certain conditions …

3 to 4 cups a day, no more

The optimal dose of coffee is between three and four cups a day. This is the quantity for which the benefits are greatest. Beyond that, some risks exist.

The study is based on “healthy” coffee, that is to say pure. Sugar, milk, cream or accompaniments totally bias these results. Black coffee is also a drink that contains zero calories. It is also an excellent antioxidant.

Heart and stomach benefit

Coffee increases blood pressure. At rest and provided you have not abused it, the heart rate decreases slightly. In any case, this represents a danger unless you have greatly exaggerated coffee.

The acidity of caffeine allows better digestion after the meal. This factor explains why we are used to drinking after the meal. One of the side effects of this acidity is the risk of heartburn by drinking on an empty stomach in the morning.

A barrier against diseases

Coffee reduces the risk of a large number of diseases: cancer of the prostate, throat, skin, liver as well as leukemia, Parkinson and types 2 diabetes. Keep in mind that these results come from healthy subjects. In smokers, for example, the effects are less.

These results contradict the belief that for a long time attributed an increase in cancers among coffee consumers. Daily consumption of very hot coffee, like other beverages, remains a factor that can cause cancer of the esophagus.

Coffee, a big impact on the brain

Coffee is a drink that reduces the risk of depression. At the time of drinking, dopamine is released in the body, it is the pleasure hormone. This explains the happiness that some people experience when drinking coffee. And the sense of dependence that can be felt by others.

Coffee is best known for giving energy, this is true in the brain. 20 minutes after drinking coffee, memory and the brain are stimulated. The pupils also dilate. A boost of energy takes place, but beware of the blow of fatigue when the effects disappear.

An enemy for sleep

sleep enemy

The coffee can have more energy, but it also prevents sleep.

If coffee has energy, it also prevents sleep. Drinking this drink too late in the day does not allow for a restful sleep.
Caffeine delays and decreases the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. She is in charge of the regulation of chronobiological rhythms and is synthesized during the night. Coffee disrupts this natural rhythm.

Espresso or Coffee: what is the difference?

10 good reasons to drink coffee

Some scientists are formal: coffee is good for health. In addition to reducing the risk of several serious illnesses, it has a boosting effect and helps you stay up all day. Even if this version is to take with tweezers, we found you 10 reasons not to do without coffee!

1. Coffee improves your cognitive functions

Many studies show that in addition to keeping you awake, caffeine improves your brain’s performance and thus your cognitive function. Thus, you will be in a better mood, with better memory and more vigilant. What else?

2. Burn Fat

It is a natural fat burner because it stimulates the metabolism. One study showed that an obese person drinking coffee burns 10% more fat and that coffee drinkers were 29% thinner. But (because it takes a good but) unfortunately, these benefits are only valid … in the short term! Of course, there are other habits to adapt to promote weight loss.

3. Increase your stamina

Coffee allows your body to produce more adrenaline and, as a result, increase your stamina. A good cup before going to the gym is not a bad idea if you want a more intense fitness session! And why not accompany a good meal 100% local and healthy products to be in shape all day?

4. Coffee contains essential nutrients

In addition to water and caffeine, it also contains essential nutrients for our body: riboflavin (vitamin B2), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), potassium and magnesium. What to fill up with vitamins for a day at the top!

5. Reduces the risk of depression

Students at Harvard University have shown that drinking 4 cups a day would reduce the risk of depression by 20%. According to another study of 208,424 people, it also reduces the risk of suicide by 53%. So be happy, drink it!

6. It is a source of antioxidants

Believe it or not, coffee would provide more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. These antioxidants will help strengthen your immune system and slow down the aging process. What to make serious savings on anti-wrinkle creams!

7. Coffee contains few calories

Of course, the very sweet frappuccinos and the creamy cappuccinos are not part of the lot. We are talking here about ordinary black coffee, without sugar, and milk. A cup of 250 ml would only contain … 2 calories! Why deprive yourself?

8. Reduces stiffness after exercise

It’s hard not to hurt your legs, arms or back after an intensive workout. Although good stretching is important, coffee can help you speed up muscle recovery. Indeed, it affects our brain, soothing spinal pain.

9. Minimizes the risk of bowel obstruction

Coffee is a natural remedy against clogged intestines. In addition to accelerating your digestion, it stimulates the gastrointestinal muscles to allow them to contract better. What to regulate its transit naturally!

10. Just because coffee is delicious

What better reason to drink coffee than to do it because you find it delicious? In addition to all the benefits to our health, it tickles our taste buds. The multitude of aromas of coffee allows declining for an even more delicious pleasure!

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