Boiler or Thermoblock: Which heating system to choose?

Know first that the ideal temperature of the perfect espresso is generally between 185 and 194 °F.
To raise the temperature, your coffee machine must have a heating system worthy of the name.
In the market for coffee machines (manual, automatic, pods or capsules …), there are two types of heating: The boiler or the thermoblock.
These two heating systems are used in domestic coffee machines. The differences are interesting to note and if you want to know more, follow the guide:


The thermoblock is a serpentine system in which the water passes to be heated in real time by resistance.

Thermoblock heating system
Then, this technology makes it possible to heat the water very quickly. So you will have a little wait before your first cup of coffee.
Also, the Thermoblock is reliable, is that you will not have any technical surprises.
There are however some disadvantages. With the Thermobloc, the very first coffee will often be too hot. The heating system will (too) quickly rise in temperature.
Another concern we sometimes encounter is the loss of regularity on the chain of coffee in a short time.

coffee machine with Thermoblock heating system,

Delonghi Dedica with Thermoblock heating system,


It is a reserve of hot water in which the machine comes to draw during the percolation.

Boiler heating system
The boiler will be much more stable in temperature than the thermoblock although it requires between 5 and 8 min of heating.
Small drawback: the boiler has a limited capacity unlike the thermoblock (around 220ml depending on the size of the machine).
The professional machines are generally equipped with a Boiler while automatic machines more often have a Thermobloc system.

Finally, only manual coffee machines will offer you the opportunity to choose your heating system, between boiler and thermoblock while automatic coffee machines are almost all equipped with a thermoblock.

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