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Gaggia is a well-known and recognized manufacturer of espresso machines.

The design of Gaggia has a stainless steel facade finish that gives a very qualitative rendering. (very differentiating compared to other automatic machines any ABS).

The basic functions (coffee selection ring, cup-adjustable coffee quantity, cup lift) are all standard at Gaggia.

We select five gaggia espresso machines that will allow you to discover all the advantages of automatic coffee machines.

Gaggia Velasca Prestige Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel

Gaggia Velasca PrestigeWith the new Gaggia Velasca, discovering the extraordinary aroma of Italian espresso is very simple. Press a button and in a few moments, a good coffee like that of the bar is ready to taste.
A coffee “made to measure”. Where the degree of grinding, the length and the size of the body suit you, according to your wishes.
Gaggia Velasca is also ideal for making creamy cappuccinos. Over 75 years of Gaggia experience at your service.

Thanks to the self-foaming milk carafe, Velasca Prestige can produce several types of milk at the touch of a button. The only system can foam milk twice before providing the ideal temperature and texture. For milk drinks, the foam milk carafe can produce a cappuccino, or sparkling milk at the touch of a button. The dishwasher can be stored in the refrigerator when not in use and washes in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


  • Height 17.3 in, Width 10 in, Depth 13.4 in
  • Weight without packaging 17.63 lbs
  • Display Type TFT screen in black / white.
  • Coffee grinder with a capacity of 300 gr
  • Recharge ground coffee alternative.
  • ABS material.
  • Boiler material Stainless steel.
  • Removable water tank 1,5 L.
  • Pressure 15 bar.
  • Self-cleaning system.


Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine

Gaggia Accademia
Gaggia Accademia is a model of a super automatic coffee machine that offers all features to achieve a professional result for both home and office.
Thanks to its touch screen, it is possible to obtain many drinks. From espresso coffee to long coffee, cappuccino to latte macchiato. The stainless steel exterior materials and finishes of the Gaggia Accademia are of a high standard.
The design is very precise and the dimensions are not very small. Its built-in coffee grinder is made of ceramic and is combined with a device that saves double-lid flavoring. The ground coffee container is removable and the coffee dispenser has an adjustable height to fit all cups.

Characteristics :

  • A pump with 15 bar of pressure. As well as an exemplary heating system: 2
  • boilers in stainless steel to have a constant temperature.
  • Removable water tank capacity: 1.6 L
  • Capacity of the coffee bean container: 350 gr
  • Collector capacity of marcs: 16 cakes
  • Separate hot water nozzle.

The Plus Cafe of this Accademia Gaggia:

  • Pre-infusion system.
  • Opti-Dose: 7 – 10,5 gr
  • Adjustable ceramic grinder: 8 levels
  • Exclusive ‘OptiAroma’ system for programming coffee intensity.
  • Trap for the use of ground coffee.

The cleaning cycles of the milk circuit will be done automatically.


Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine in Silver.

Gaggia BreraThe Gaggia Brera allows you to combine the delivery of the classic espresso with an integrated grinding done in real time and able to release at best the aroma of the coffee. Gaggia Brera is equipped with a ceramic grinder (250gr). Which allows an optimal grinding of coffee and can be adjusted in different weights from 7g to 10.5g. The aroma adjustment feature allows you to choose the intensity of the flavor with four aroma options. It also has an extra compartment for already ground coffee.

The Gaggia Brera makes very well quality espresso thanks to the Aroma Select mechanism. The machine, after crushing the beans, automatically doses the coffee and distributes it. Its amount of coffee dispensed is also programmable for the two main options: espresso and long coffee. The digital display makes navigation easy and immediate. Energy class A and the automatic shutdown system provide good energy savings. Even more, the Brera also has a foam spear to prepare hot water, tea and infusions.

Characteristics :

  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Distribution of 2 coffees simultaneously.
  • Capacity of the coffee bean container: 250g.
  • Gaggia Adapting System Optidose.
  • Steam / Hot Water Distribution.
  • Pre-infusion system.
  • Rapid Steam.
  • Capacity of the ground’s container: 8 cakes
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Washing and cleaning cycle.
  • Ceramic coffee grinder.


Gaggia Carezza De Luxe Espresso Machine, Silver 

Gaggia CarezzaThe Gaggia Carezza Deluxe is a coffee machine with a very particular design, rather intended for those looking for an experience closer to that of the barista. that is, adjust all parameters to find the perfect result. So, if you want to make a cup of coffee just by pressing a button, it’s certainly not your model.
Like all Gaggia brand coffee makers, it is a high quality product that provides an exquisite coffee.
Not in vain, it must be remembered that it is a prestigious manufacturer of professional coffee makers. Whose models can be found in thousands of coffee all over the world and in particular in Italy.


  • Smart design.
  • Great quality of coffee.
  • 1.4L water tank.
  • Cup warmer.
  • Milk frother / steam nozzle.


Gaggia Anima Coffee and Espresso Machine

Gaggia Anima Gaggia is the manufacturer chosen by the best international coffee makers, 100% Italian manufacturer, perfect for those who do not want to mess at home and like to have everything organized, tasty and in full control in the preparation.
When choosing this coffee maker, you might get a little bored with the size of the instruction manual. But honestly, it’s worth the purchase and the reading!

The coffee is excellent compared to others or even compared to Starbucks. it has many options available, attractive design, strength, quality in materials, fermentation time, size, etc.
In our test, only whole grains were used. So, I can not tell if the machine makes a good coffee with pre-ground coffee. In fact, I can imagine it must be very different!
In general, the coffee maker is quite easy to program, you can adjust the main types of espresso. For example, espresso and wide with just click are fully programmable. You can also adjust different types of espresso, sizes and aroma intensities, and leave the morning cups set.


  • Pannarello steam wand for frothing milk.
  • Programmable brewing options for espresso and espresso lungo.
  • 3 different temperature settings. Min/177.5 °F, Med/182.9 °F, Max/184.5 °F



Although currently owned by Philips. Rather, the Gaggia models retain the Italian charm and superb espresso quality they have created for the moment. With a good variety of private and low-cost Gaggia machines on the market; there is practically one that meets your needs. If we tend to offer you a simple Gaggia coffee machine, it will be Brera. This model is fashionable among coffee lovers for a glorious espresso.

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