Best Espresso Machines For Home

Wondering which are the best espresso machines for home? Looking for a grain machine (with grinder) or with ground coffee (without grinder) / pods ESE or just with capsules / pods?

In this guide we have sorted for you and studied dozens of different models (Delonghi, Breville, Krups, …) to get the best and give you the article below with top espresso machines for home.

Our favorites are for the automatic espresso machine (with grinder): DeLonghi ECAM 22110B.
As for manual espresso machines (without grinder) the Krups XP344C51 Calvi wins the charts.

General Index

I. The best automatic espresso machines for home with grinder

  • Delonghi ECAM22110B
  • KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria
  • Saeco Incanto Carafe

II. The best espresso machines for home without a grinder

  • DeLonghi America Dedica
  • KRUPS XP344C51 Calvi
  • DeLonghi ECO310BK

III. What to pay attention when choosing an espresso machine?

IV. Final word.

The best automatic espresso machines for home with grinder

Delonghi ECAM22110B Super Automatic Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine, Black

Delonghi ECAM22110B Super Automatic Espresso The interface of this Delonghi machine is practical with its direct access keys – few – thus avoiding any confusion.
Easily adjust the cup length, as well as the amount of coffee chosen with the two buttons on the control panel.
In addition, the machine is always ready for use. It does not matter the lapse of time between two cafes.

CRF technology
The tubeless system ensures the freshness of the coffee with each cup. The coffee is ground on demand and is instantly used without leaving any residue in the device.
The ground coffee does not oxidize and preserves all its aromas.
This machine has a ground hatch that will allow you to vary the pleasures.

Removable Coffee Group
Both mobile and removable, the brewer is easily extracted. It is simply cleaned under water once a week and thus limits residues.
A guarantee of quality for a coffee with intact aromas.

Colors: Black / Gray
Material: Plastic / Stainless Steel
Volume of water: 1.8 liters
Capacity of the coffee tray: 250 grams
Power: 1450 watts
Number of simultaneous coffees: 2
Weight: 19.84 lbs
Dimensions: 43 x 23.8 x 35.1


KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria Super Automatic Espresso Machine Coffee Maker

KRUPS EA8250 Espresseria You will not regret your choice with this automatic Krups espresso machine.
First, it’s a great machine, very classic and only less cumbersome.
This machine is a true marvel for all coffee lovers, but I recommend it especially to those who are particularly fond of espresso, cappuccinos and lattes.
This magnificent espresso machine offers you several important advantages. With its pressure system at 15 bar, it promises to extract all the aromas, for a coffee of the most exquisite, concocted to perfection according to your tastes.

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It also includes its own built-in grinder, which will save you from having to buy one if you are one of those who favor freshly brewed coffee. The grinder has three adjustable degrees of fineness desired for grinding. It is also equipped with a steam nozzle, so you can expand your horizons and try different types of coffees.


Saeco Incanto Carafe Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco incanto carafe Incanto is a flagship and essential model that has given Saeco a truly international reputation.

To make the point on its advantages and disadvantages, our team of experts decided to test it, version Carafe.
On paper, Saeco has given Incanto some interesting new technologies:

The Saeco Incanto is an automatic machine with an innovative and elegant design, thanks to the high quality of its finishes (screen, buttons …).

 5-position grinder to serve all your desires.
 3 versions for 3 responses to the milk cravings of coffee lovers.
Incanto CMF (HD8911 / 01) is equipped with a simple steam nozzle, for aficionados who master the creation of milk foam!
The Saeco Incanto is presents 3 versions for 3 responses to the milk cravings of coffee lovers.
A simple steam nozzle, for aficionados who master the creation of milk foam!


The best espresso machines for home without a grinder

DeLonghi America, Inc EC685M Dedica Deluxe espresso, Silver

DEDICA, the most urban espressos!
A dedication to the art of living in Italian style.
The new ultra-compact Espresso from DeLonghi: only 15 cm wide.
An ultra compact design to fit any space.
Like a real Barista, make the best espresso with the espresso machine Dedica EC-685-M. The width of this device is only 15 cm and it has a modern design very attractive, with a metal case and pretty chrome keys. He will transfigure your kitchen!

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The Dedica EC-685-M espresso machine is equipped with a very practical cappuccino system that will allow you to create a perfect cappuccino thanks to its revolutionary steam nozzle. Are you in a hurry? You do not have time to grind coffee beans or worse! you no longer have coffee beans? The Dedica EC-685-M espresso machine works equally well with ground coffee and coffee pods.


KRUPS XP344C51 Calvi Professional Compact Espresso Machine Coffee Maker

The Krups Calvi is a compact machine for extracting ground coffee or ESE and soft pods. The heater is fast and the steam nozzle efficient.
This Calvi espresso machine by Krups, combining black and brushed stainless steel, is very functional and compact.

Its steamer will allow you to vary the pleasures by realizing delicious milk drinks. Easy to use, its versatility will delight the most greedy by allowing you to go from the flavors of ground coffee, pods, and without changing the filter.

Ease of use
The interface of this Krups manual espresso machine is simple and efficient with a function selector (in order):
– Steam position
– Preheating position
– Stop position
– Coffee position
The tank of this machine with a capacity of 1.1L is removable.
The cup warmer will allow you to preheat the cups before using them to put them at the ideal temperature at the time of extraction to ensure a better cup result.


DeLonghi ECO310BK 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine, Piano Black

Delonghi piano black

 The ECO310BK is not only a coffee machine but also a decorative object that will easily find its place in your kitchen.
It is a versatile manual machine. With the ability to extract as ground coffee as ESE pods, the means put in place to make your extractions successful are numerous. A mug heater recovering the heat from the stainless steel boiler, a high pressure pump of 15 bar, and two separate thermostats that will allow you to have steam instantly.

The stainless steel boiler avoids any alteration of taste and especially makes it possible to space the maintenance operations, stainless steel being insensitive to limestone!
Lovers of milk drinks will enjoy an instant steam and especially the easy-cappuccino system that allows you to froth milk easily!
With its experience in the world of coffee, Delonghi remains on its value by allowing to adjust the flow of steam with ECO310BK!


What to pay attention when choosing an espresso machine?

To start a new day, nothing beats a coffee carrying a flavor as powerful as it is delicious and garnished with a smooth creamy note to perfection! Like so many other people, you dream of the perfect espresso machine for the mornings where things are not going so well. If you want to be sure you can find it, follow the guide!

How to choose your espresso machine?

The first choice to make, and probably the most important, is the type of espresso machine you will buy: an automatic espresso machine or a manual espresso machine?

If you need to prepare coffee easily and quickly, then obviously you need an automatic espresso machine. This type of espresso machine gives you the opportunity to quickly prepare both black coffee and milk drinks. To avoid spoiling, they allow you to define the intensity and length of the coffee you want.

As for her, the manual coffee machine is made for those who can not dissociate the preparation of coffee from a ritual where the imagination and a certain passion have their place. If you count among them, you will experience an undeniable pleasure to use a manual espresso machine.

Espresso machine with or without grinder?

Are you a fan of fresh coffee? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? The espresso machine with grinder is the one you need. Especially easy to use, the espresso coffee grinder automatically loads your coffee beans and accurately and accurately dosed water and ground coffee, resulting in an espresso. It is certainly more expensive, but you however save significant savings in the long term. In fact, the coffee beans is cheaper than capsules and pods.

Steel or ceramic grinder?

To make the grinders, the manufacturers use in most cases steel or ceramic.
Most grinders are made of steel. This material is reliable and strong. A steel crusher has for him to be unbreakable, but he can not resist the wear of time. The ceramic grinder is more expensive than steel because it has a more complex technology. It has the advantage of being less noisy than its counterpart, besides it is indestructible and, consequently, reliable to the highest point. With a ceramic grinder, grinding is always homogeneous. In addition, it keeps intact all the aromas of coffee because it does not heat the grain. The only shadow on the board with this crusher is that it can break.

Adjusting the variation of the grinding with the grinder.

It should be noted that the grinders are manufactured with a medium setting. This setting is not necessarily the one that will fit your needs.
The extraction of a 40 ml espresso takes 25 to 30 seconds for a single dose of 7 or 8 g coffee. A faster extraction produces a bland coffee, since the extracted flavors are insufficient. Moreover, the water passes through the mill all the faster as it is coarse. It is then necessary to achieve a finer grind.
On one side, an extraction which extends beyond 30 seconds produces a bitter coffee: the water penetrates and does not pass through a grinding too fine. Extraction is therefore done much too slowly, and the resulting coffee is unpleasant to taste. It is then necessary to achieve a finer grind.

Role of the steam nozzle.

The majority of espresso machines are equipped with a steam nozzle. Do you like the beauty or the taste of milk coffee? The steam nozzle is the decisive element for cooking the milk and making it foam. Obtaining a smooth and creamy milk froth is subject to many parameters, including the number of holes on the nozzle, the axis of rotation, the available power, the material or the know-how.

The question of pressure.

An espresso machine worthy of the name has a pressure that goes from 15 to 19 bars. In such machines, all the conditions are met to produce an espresso of irreproachable quality. The water is projected at high pressure on the ground coffee and it releases the slightest aromas. The result: a delicious coffee, delicately bodied and adorned with a layer of creamy mousse.

Why set the temperature?

You should know that the temperature of the water is an essential criterion to get as much flavor as possible from a coffee. Even for those who are not true coffee lovers, it is easy to detect a difference between coffees that only separates 1 degree Celsius(33.8 °F). With a temperature too low, the coffee is light and bland; for too high a temperature, the coffee is bitter. For an espresso, the ideal temperature is between 190 and 197 °F.

Capacity of the water tank and the grain bin.

The comfort of use of your espresso machine will vary significantly depending on the capacity of its water tank and that of its grain tray. Depending on the model, this tank can accommodate from 1.2 liters to 5 liters of water. The grain bin can receive from 125 grams to 500 grams.

Machine maintenance.

If you want to maintain the longevity of your automatic espresso machine and keep the good taste of the coffee it produces intact, you will have to make some effort. An automatic espresso machine requires regular maintenance that includes both water filtration and cleaning and descaling. A manual espresso machine, however, requires little maintenance. In addition, it is much less likely to experience outages.

What makes a good espresso machine?

The ideal espresso machine has the following characteristics to make a very good espresso:

The machine must not over-extract or under-extract the coffee.
It gives a cream of a certain thickness.
It must heat quickly, reach and maintain a certain temperature during extraction (+/- 194 °F)
Cleaning all parts of the machine must be easy
The recovery time (that is to say the time to brew another coffee) must be short – 30 seconds or less.

Final Word

And here we come at the end of this little guide. we hope that it will help you to choose the best espresso machine that suits you.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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