Best Automatic Coffee Grinders

Waking up is often difficult in the morning, especially, without coffee. For that, we found the way to wake up well, not only do we drink coffee, but we drink coffee that we ground the same morning. This gives an aroma to coffee that you will not find anywhere else, not to mention the smell of coffee once ground, once you have it in your nose, it’s a pleasure to have woken up.

In short, without further ado, here is a comparison chart of the best automatic coffee grinders that we have selected:

Cuisinart DBM-8 Breville BCG820BSSXL Baratza Encore Melitta 80395 Baratza Vario-W
Grinder Type Double conical grinding wheel made of stainless steel Tapered wheels made of micro-machined hardened steel, adjustable in 10 positions. Conical stainless steel Flat grinding wheel Ceramic Flat Burr
Finesse of milling 18 different grinds, works well for any type of coffee. 60 different grinds, works well for any type of coffee. 15 different grinds 17 grind settings 230 different grinds
Coffee bean capacity 8 oz 18 oz 8 oz 6 ½ oz 18 oz
Rating 3.7/5 stars 4.2/5 stars 3.9/5 stars 3.7/5 stars 4.3/5 stars

If you do not know which mill to choose, you must first find out about the type of coffee you want to make. Rates vary according to this criterion, if you want to make Espresso for example, a grinder quality will be required, especially if you want it to be successful.


Best Automatic Grinders Of 2019

Coffee grinder: How to Choose?

Final Word

Best Automatic Grinders Of 2019

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart DBM-8Grinder: Double conical grinding wheel made of stainless steel

Finesse of milling: 18 different grinds, works well for any type of coffee.

Coffee bean capacity: 8 oz

 The DBM8 is not a high-end grinder for nothing, it has all the features to appeal to coffee lovers. It offers 18 different grinds, ranging from very coarse to very fine. Unlike cheap grinders, the mill Cuisinart is very specific about its different grinds. On the one hand, all the grains are ground in exactly the same way, giving a regular grind. On the other hand, the different levels of grinding are very precise. It can produce 6 different grinds just for espresso, which is very palatable.

If you are not already, this mill will make you a coffee lover. A small LCD screen offers an intuitive interface to play with the settings of your mill. For the quantity you want to grind, you only have to select a number of cups and the mill will do it! You will have the choice between 2 and 14 cups, which is usually enough for a day. It is a high-end mill with a very good value for money.


  • Grinding: coarse / medium / fine quality, well suited to any type of coffee.
  • 18 different grinds.
  • Easy to use.LCD screen.
  • Easily cleanable.


  • The maximum number of cups is 14, other high-end machines offer 18.


Breville BCG820BSSXL The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel

 Breville BCG820BSSXL Grinder: Tapered wheels made of micro-machined hardened steel, adjustable in 10 positions.

Finesse of milling: 60 different grinds, works well for any type of coffee.

Coffee bean capacity: 18 oz

There, we have the cream of the cream coffee grinders. You will have a choice between 60 different grinds, so no matter what coffee machine you use, it will have no secret for you! There are still 30 types of milling just for espresso, we tested it and this grinder is able to bring out different flavors depending on the grind you choose. You will have the choice between several containers to grind your coffee. Either with the filter holder as in the photo above, which you will only have to put in your espresso machine, either with a suitable container that can store up to 12 coffee.

This Breville mill is rich in option, the pause function stops the current grinding to divide the coffee into the filter holder, the standby is automatic 5 minutes after use and there is an LCD screen. Finally, this machine is very easy to clean which will help you maintain and have a coffee always on top!


  • Grinding of very good quality, well adapted to any type of coffee.
  • More than 60 different grinds.
  • Two containers to recover the ground coffee.
  • LCD screen.
  • Large coffee bean capacity.
  • Easily cleanable.


  • The maximum number of cups is just 12.


Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical BurrGrinder: Conical stainless steel

Finesse of milling: Adjustable (15 different grinds)

Coffee bean capacity: 8 oz 

This mill was used by one of the coffee giants: Starbucks. They have renamed it, the Starbucks Barista grinder, but it’s Solis who sold them. Starbucks must have a reason to use this machine, right? Indeed, there is one!

This coffee grinder is easy to use, with few options but very efficient. He is able to grind the coffee without making a mess and produces a milling of an amazing precision. There are 15 different types of grind and this one is all very well done. With Solis, you can enjoy cold-brewed coffee (requires a very coarse grind) such as espressos (fine grind). This is the highlight of this machine, it goes to the essential, that’s why Starbucks used it.


  • Grinding of very good quality, well adapted to any type of coffee.
  • 15 different grinds.
  • Easily cleanable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Miserly mill in options.

Baratza Encore

Melitta 80395 Coffee Grinder

Melitta 80395  Grinder: Flat grinding wheel.

Finesse of milling: 17 grind settings.

Coffee bean capacity: 6 ½ oz 

This mill is ideal for the morning, we munch the coffee once, and we can use it for two or three days. Since it remains hermetically sealed in the machine, it does not lose too much of its aroma. It also has a flat wheel, which offers a less accurate rendering than the previous cone wheel, but for filter coffee, it’s perfect.

The only problem with these cheap machines is the powder (dust) of coffee, it is so fine that it can not be filtered. But that’s not a big problem, if you do not drink the last drops of your coffee maker, you should not even feel it.


  • Cheap.
  • Medium quality grind, well suited to filter coffee.
  • Easy to use.


  • The fineness of the grind is adjustable in 9 steps, but remains very rough.
  • Not suitable for Espresso (even if the seller certifies otherwise).
  • Produces coffee dust (unfiltered particle).

Melitta 80395

Baratza Vario-W Grind by Weight Flat Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Vario-W Grinding based on weight for extreme precision facilitates the preparation of a perfect cup of coffee. Baratza’s innovative Vario-W is a fully integrated, weight-based real-time grinder. It has all the characteristics of the Vario, including the small footprint, the macro / micro setting, the ceramic burrs and a wide range of grinding, but it uses a dosing approach based on weight rather than a time-based approach.

This professional quality grinder adapts to any place, from your kitchen to your office or your coffee. The Vario-W was originally designed for use in a cafeteria, eliminating the need to manually weigh the coffee beans. The built-in precision load cell provides accurate weighing, while grinding, up to 0.1 gram. Three buttons programmable by the user make polishing with a single touch can be repeated.

The design is beautiful and functional. The Vario-W’s intuitive macro / micro settings offer separate and repeatable settings for any style of coffee. The unique 54 mm Vario-W flat ceramic burrs provide precise, fast-grinding performance (averaging 2 g / sec) and stay sharp as long as the best steel burrs. The high-torque DC motor and drive belt transmission mean your beans are ready for smooth, fresh driving.


  • AWARD WINNING GRINDER – Voted Best Product by the Specialty Coffee Association.
  • Grinding of very good quality, well adapted to any type of coffee.
  • 230 different grinds.
  • Grind by weight.
  • Large coffee bean capacity.


  • If you find something wrong, tell us please!!!

Baratza Vario-W

Coffee grinder: How to Choose?

What should you think before choosing a coffee grinder? Which one do you need? In fact, we will try to answer these questions so that you find a coffee grinder that suits you.

So, the first thing to consider before buying a coffee grinder is your coffee machine.

For a classic coffee machine (filter)

classic coffee machine

You can easily imagine that you will not need the last high-end mill of 2019 to have good filter coffee. If you want to grind your coffee for filter coffee, we recommend the Melitta and Cuisinart coffee grinders. Your coffee will taste radically different and it will not cost you very much. You will be able to test the different grinds that these machines propose and will thus be able to make a filter coffee which will be exactly to your taste.

To make Turkish coffee or with a piston machine (French Press)

French Press

We advise you to adopt a mill a little more powerful for this kind of coffee. The mill Cuisinart or any high-end machine will do the trick. it does not cost so much to grind your coffee in the morning.

For an Espresso machine

Espresso machine

There you have no choice. A high-end coffee grinder is required to make a good espresso. During our tests, we made espressos with entry-level machines like the Cuisinart DBM8. The problem is that they never had the same taste, the coffee machine was not precise enough to be able to provide exactly the same grind each time, and for an espresso, the grinding fineness plays a lot on taste. You can always go to the Melitta if you do not have enough budget, it is accurate and will do, but you will not have a large choice of grind.

You can check our guide for Espresso Machine Here

Is the grinder of the mill an important criterion?

Yes, but not here. We do not offer a coffee grinder that uses a rotating knife to grind coffee, like a blender. These coffee grinders do this randomly, once you come across a coarse grind, another time on a fine grind. So if you have a minimum of respect for coffee, please do not buy this kind of machine!!!

Then, whether the grinder is a simple / double conical grinding wheel, stainless steel or ceramic, of course, this has a small importance. However, do not direct your choice only for the mill, the mill in full is to be taken into account.

The size of the tank

As for the grinder, we do not advise you to direct your choice just towards this criterion. The size of the container is a detail. However, if for you it is important not to have to fill it with coffee beans every 4 mornings, you can take a look at it.

The number of milling

This is our last point of this shopping guide, and surely one of the most important points of a coffee grinder. The more grind you have, the more you can vary the taste of your coffee. Top of the range machines often have a lot of grinds, and over time you will start to have your preferences. You will be able to calibrate your grind according to your desires of the moment. In short, if you are a coffee lover, a high-end mill is not luxury, it will allow you to become a real expert and appreciate your coffee more.

Final Word

Finally, we hope that this small guide will help you to choose the mill best suited to your needs. See you

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